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The best remedy against inflation: buying property in the right location

The best remedy against inflation: Buying property in the right location

August 29, 2014Next

Robert Maunder, Chief Executive of First Mallorca, commentsthe market

Especially in the past months First Mallorca has observed that investors are focusing to make purchases on Mallorca in order to counter-act the possibility of further instability on the monetary market. The turn-over on this market segment rises as more attractive property offers are indentified that present value-for money.

Those who are in the lucky position to have too much liquid money on their accounts and therefore look for the absolute security of investment and have to a large degree stepped back from trusting the share market.  Logistically this means, they are searching for locations worldwide which not only guarantee their funds but also offer political stability, a brilliant functioning infrastructure, legal security for their transactions and an easy journey to the destination. Mallorca sits right on top of these destinations. To qualify this the Financial Times of London identified Mallorca in the top 10 most desirable destinations to purchase property.

Mallorca has numerous advantages over other further afield destinations, the ease of verbal communication, its excellent medical facilities, the cost of moorings,  availability of golf, international schools, an agreeable climate and an airline frequency from Europe and Scandinavia which is unparalleled. These and many other reasons are why Mallorca is only slightly effected by the general economical crises in regard to the foreign real estate market.

First Mallorca is one of the leading estate agencies on the Balearic island and is specialised in property sales and long term rentals in the south west of Mallorca. Currently they have approximately 1.000 properties in their portfolio. This service oriented company is headed by Robert Maunder and Heidi Stadler who founded First Mallorca nearly 14 years ago. Almost 50 % of their property transactions are generated through personal recommendations. Satisfied customers from Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Scandinavian countries, Poland, Russia, the Czech Republic and many countries more, appreciate not only competent and all round handling of any real estate matter by 40 professionals in the company but also their very serious approach to after-sales-service. Mallorca is an exceptional island and offers without any question the ideal criteria for a purchase decision in international property.


Robert Maunder

Chief Executive

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