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The contemporary art side to sa coma / andratx

The Contemporary Art Side to Sa Coma / Andratx

August 25, 2014Next

In the picturesque village of Sa Coma at Mallorca’s far western tip lies a most pleasant surprise. Situated just a few minutes drive from Puerto de Andratx, one of the most desirable and prestigious residential locations on the island, is the Andratx Cultural Centre. Built in rustic style with a traditional Mallorcan façade that blends in so perfectly against the mountainous backdrop, it is indeed misleading. At a glance, it could easily pass for an ancestral estate, or another dusty museum filled with rusting farm equipment of yesteryear; never one of Europe’s centres for high-level contemporary art!

Art exhibitions in CCA

Yes, it may appear shocking, but hidden behind the stone clad walls are four thousand square metres of space, displaying some of the world’s most cutting edge art. Nothing for the faint-hearted, mind you. With works on display by the most exceptional contemporary artists of today and tomorrow, this centre certainly deserves the same respect and time you would offer to some of the worlds most splendid religious buildings – as the divine inspiration (and solace on offer) is extremely comparable. To add to the arresting sensation of this impressive building, is its magnificent location, set directly below a beautiful mountain, its lower and wooded walks forming part of the centre’s 200,000 square metres  of private land including orange orchards and its own well.  Unexpectedly a hidden swimming pool suddenly appearing on one of these leafy walks. Within the outer walls of the cultural centre there is a restaurant, working studios for resident artists and on the first floor walk around atrium there are 20 spacious apartments. These facilities are adjacent or overlook a delightful and enormous central patio area with water fountains and numerous arches, reminiscent of a masterful world heritage site.

Praise for this place where, in their own words, “art lovers and makers can meet”, goes to Patricia and Jacob Asbæk, a Danish couple, who founded the “CCA” – The Cultural Centre of Andratx, in 2001 after visiting friends on the island and choosing Mallorca as a location for their centre instead of the south of France - luckily for us.

Jacob & Patricia Asbeak are leading authorities in the contemporary art scene in Copenhagen, a city in which they opened its leading contemporary art gallery.

Working with a Mallorcan architect, their dream was to design a centre in Mallorca that was not just for art collection, but for art creation and exhibition.

Devoting her time and energy to presenting the most innovative art of our time, Patricia personally directs a group of curators who organise three or four large exhibitions a year at the centre, as well as running a residential programme which offers both emerging and established artists a chance to live and work at the centre and display their projects in the large exhibition areas available, with of course, the added benefit of being in a location which, in its own right, offers an unending source of natural inspiration. “We like to invite artists to participate in this programme, who have their own unique way of expression”, says Patricia. “We like to find the people that challenge”.
CCA - Gallery

Aside from the centre exhibiting works by residential artists, expect to see plenty on display in their galleries by big names in the contemporary art world such as Martin Parr, Carl-Henning Pedersen and Lucy McKenzie, as well as works from local artists, plus changing international group projects in the Kunsthalle.

Visual art is only one part of what is on offer here. The year long programme of events, appealing to visitors and residents alike, boasts artistic demonstrations of many dimensions and medias, including an array of music concerts by world class musicians and performers, film premiers, Thai Chi classes and even culinary workshops run by their Art Café. 

Concerts in CCA

The Cultural Centre is rapidly becoming a dynamic and glamorous event location. Catering for up to 200 guests at business and private functions, the centre offers a unique opportunity to experience the grandeur of the centre, in a beautiful natural environment, while enjoying a private view of some of the planets most exciting artwork, making any occasion special and memorable.

Appealing to everyone, from hard core contemporary art lovers to the mildly curious, Patricia and Jacob invite you to pass by and perhaps enjoy a guided tour of their current exhibition… a spot of lunch whilst the children draw or paint in the Kids Room… a browse in their bookshop…. a coffee whilst checking your emails…the possibility to purchase something unique for your art collection… a glass of local wine whilst listening to a jazz concert….

For more information and their up to date programme of events and exhibitions, please go to their website or call (00 34) 971 137 770 

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