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CEO Statement

CEO Statement

After 20 years in business, First Mallorca is a reliable reference in real estate in Mallorca. It makes me happy to hear people perceiving our brand as honest, serious and service minded. As my professor at university used to say, "you can say what you want in your advertising, but can people confirm your claims?" After all, this is all that counts: the message must be true and lived on an every day basis!

We are a people´s business and in times when we send an email faster than we may pick-up the phone, finding the right words in the right moment becomes an art. Our profession can be compared to a memory game on a big scale: we view so many properties and when the customers inquire, we have to match the two. How rewarding and fascinating! We need intuition, foresee the potential of a property and acknowledge market trends. Without the necessary know-how about this multi-tasking profession and the right portion of imagination, communication will suffer. 

Purchasing a property is something very personal. We enter the private world of the sellers - we literally stand in their bedrooms and bathrooms- while we climb into the heads of our purchasers and renters in order to know how they wish to enjoy living on the island and to understand what makes them feel at home. All this happens in a very international environment where First Mallorca staff alone is accounting for approximately 15 nationalities while our customers come from any corner of the world.

There is not a single day that goes by without me thinking how lucky we are to be here. Mallorca is still a paradise, an almost irrealistic world. We see beauty, fun, wealth and continuously new people coming to Mallorca, falling in love with the island and staying. May this continue and may we continue growing as persons with our customers and the lovely people from this island!

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