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Advice for Buyers

Real Estate investments always have to do with the head… and your pocket. Nevertheless, our first advice starts here: you need your heart to choose the place for you on the island.Take your time in touring the island first and in understanding the different areas. Feel it, smell it, live it! When you have fallen in love, we are happy to give you the professional advice you will be looking for.

  • You will always find many people who wish to tell you what to do. Consult your gut feeling. All replies are there ... until you come to legal contracts.
  • The island has different weather zones and different seasonal regions. It is worth to read into this fact. It is a fact of life that the south-west is privileged by warmer winters, less rain and more sunshine to state an example. The Tramuntana is sheltering this part of the island.
  • In your country of origin you might be prepared to travel 1 h to work. On an island you will start to adapt to the slow pathe of the locals and 20min drive seem a long way. We tend to live in a shorter circle of action, so think about it when you chose your location ... have gourmet restaurants close by if you enjoy dining out.
  • Palma plays a big role for our wellbeing and mental sanity ... if you stay here many months, you might be looking for culture (concerts, theater, seminars, cinema etc.) and normal business attitudes (No more people in short trousers, please!).
  • If you have schooling children, living close to the school becomes vital if you want to avoid becoming the full time chauffeur of your little ones. You do not only face school activities but also the after school life with friends, who usually live close to school, too. Life is happening right there!
  • A majority of our customers make a soft transition to Mallorca when coming to buy. They still hold their property in their country of origin and only sell out to live here permanently, when having spent at least 2 winters on the island.
  • Always use professional support for every step of your property purchase, especially if you are not familiar with the local language, laws and customs. Even though life on the island seems so wonderful and easy going, a trustworthy and competent lawyer should ideally be in your close circle of friends! Mallorca is a trigger to free your emotions, so just don’t switch off your business brain when it comes to property purchase.
  • This island is small enough to obtain information on almost everyone but also big enough to find a hide-away. Good and bad reputation travels fast, so you just have to ask for the references of people you meet.


Service for Buyers


First and foremost we focus on the people we meet and listen to personal requirements. First Mallorca acts as an intermediary agent, providing the introduction of the purchaser to the vendor. Our company extends an unrivalled pre-purchase and after-sales-service.

First Mallorca’s attention to detail and straight forward advice makes the purchasing process an enjoyable experience. We offer a centralised administration and legal department in our Head Office in Costa d’en Blanes, above Puerto Portals. This department liaises with lawyers, surveyors, architects or any professionals you might wish to employ in the process of purchasing your new home. First Mallorca profits from a wealth of contacts on the island. We are happy to provide you with the same at any point of your activity on route to a property in the Balearics. Our property purchase service is free of charge for the buyer.

We offer you the following services:

  • A selection of the most suitable properties based on your search criteria, never forgetting that you cannot ask for what you do not know exists, hence we take the liberty to add properties that might suit you on our own initiative
  • A warm welcome into elegant and modern offices, conference rooms, filled with atmosphere and the philosophy to serve your best interest
  • Accompanied viewings of the selected properties, by choice with a car of our fleet of 16 First Mallorca company vehicles
  • Our multi-lingual and competent Real Estate Executives insure a relaxed and professional approach to the product of your interest
  • Our administration department assists with advise for local mortgages and contacts to banks.
  • Option contract preparation: First Mallorca supports you during the searches in the local Property and Cataster register and we provide the full documentation required for a due diligence by your lawyer without delay. These steps are crucial prior signing the option contract.
  • In-house liaison with notaries, lawyers, banks, tax advisers and Mallorca Property insurance companies and the execution of standing orders for the services of your new Mallorca property
  • Valuable contacts to multi-lingual architects and interior decorators
  • An unparalleled After Sales Service