Our very innovative department WELCOME to FIRST MALLORCA

Our very innovative department WELCOME to FIRST MALLORCA

After 20 years we have one thing very clear. Our customers need time and a human being at the end of a state of the art webpage. In order to ensure a 100% service oriented welcome we thought, nothing better than a full department of motivated professionals who listen, understand and direct the customer to the different departments in our company: sales, legal and administration for closures, marketing and after –sales-service.

Our Real Estate Executives are out in the field and work their passion for real estate in Mallorca with their nose on the ground. They are responsible to know everything that moves J, trends to come-up, prices changes to occur and developments to be planned. Therefore they are available for advise once our Welcome Team directs a very concrete enquiry to them but they generally take-over when the customer arrives for viewings.

Our service has over the years lived-up to its expectation: WELCOME TO FIRST MALLORCA! Welcome because we are happy you found us, welcome because we are grateful to your friends and other professionals who recommended you to First Mallorca, welcome because you trust our advise and feel at home with us. What better start to find your own home on the island !

Call +34 971 007 007 and obtain best advise and help for all your questions.