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Vår Historia

Vår Historia

First Mallorca was created in 1995 and clearly to be successful you must have a good product, in our case, a product that people would like to own and a product that has mileage, meaning it has good growth potential and related to holiday homes, easily accessible throughout the year. Mallorca in 1995 appeared to fit those criteria. Attitudes were shifting away from the island’s earlier ‘package tour’ reputation and was beginning to establish an appeal to a more discerning clientele.

Therefore that more widely conceived image was changing. There were of course many fine holiday homes on the island but it seemed to be a fairly well kept secret. Islands will always have a special appeal and I thought Mallorca, for the following reasons, had little or no competition as an easy to reach second home venue. It offered numerous facilities, established marinas and an international port, golf courses, great scenery, beautiful beaches, abundant restaurants, international schools and excellent medical facilities. In addition to these factors, the island enjoyed superb flight schedules to Northern Europe & Scandinavia. The more one examined it the more one saw the advantages over other destinations. For instance, English and German speakers would find little difficulty in communicating. Unlike the crowded Spanish Costas over three quarters of Mallorca’s land’s mass is uninhabited. On a personal basis my association with the Balearics began in 1982 after we had a villa built.

We moved into our head office in Costa d’en Blanes eight years ago and established an office in Puerto Andratx three years ago. In the meantime we also operate the Apartment-Börse there, where the client can quietly consider several hundred apartments, clearly divided into price categories rather like a supermarket. An Internet bar gives access to the respective reference of the apartment, with a complete photo gallery. In Palma we are opening an office in the swish shopping mile Jaime III. From there we will expand our activities in the city area as well as for our properties outside, namely Son Vida and in the south-west. The city of Palma still has great potential. Demand is high precisely with the top offers – across the island. We had an extremely strong sales year, there was enormous growth, particularly in the high-price area, and we reckon with further increments in 2008.

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