Energy certificate


Since 5 June 2013 the registry has been established for the energy certificates, as well as the documents to be submitted.

Which buildings need a energy certificate ?

All properties for Sale or for Rent (for 4 months +)

The following diagram represents the levels of certification:

energy certicate classes

What value do the energy certification results have?

In the case of housing, those obtaining energy values ​​closer to A, can consume up to 85% lessenergy than those who score low (G), which will significantly increase the value of the property on thesales and rental market.

In addition, this certification affects the image of a building & housing, which indicates that the person or owners are environmentally conscious and are at the forefront of the latest technologies in materialsand techniques referring to achieve a grade best.

• As of the 1st of June 2013 an Energy Certificate will be required for any publication as well as when selling or renting a property for 4 months or more.

• As of June 1, 2013, all estate agents must advertise the energy certification of buildings or homes sold or under lease, On all websites, real estate portals, window exposes and printed media.

• The certificate must also include the energy rating of the building, objective information on the energy characteristics of buildings.
For existing buildings, a document of recommendations for improving of optimal levels of energy efficiency of the building.

• This certificate must be signed by technicians who are in possession of the relevant educational and professional qualifications (technical architect, architect and engineers).

• Failure to comply with this new law can incur fines of up to € 3000 for infringement of consumer rights.

Certification validility

Once certified, regardless of the outcome, the document submitted shall be valid for 10 years, after which there will be renewed to reflect the possible improvement works have been done in the building, premises or home.

Pricing guideline for the Energy Certificate: