Age: 2 to 16 years
Languages: 57% French, 34% Spanish, 9% Others 
Lycée Français MLF de Palma 
Calle Salud, 4
07014 Palma de Mallorca
Tel: (+34) 971 739 260
F. (+34) 971 737 942
E-mail: [email protected]

Lycée Français de Palma

The French Lyceum of Palma is a multilingual center for children of all nationalities from age 2 on.

It is approved by both the Spanish Ministry of Education and the French Ministry of National Education. It belongs to the network Laïque Française Mission, composed of 121 schools in 45 countries. The titles obtained allow our students to enter French, Spanish and international universities.

In the French Lyceum of Palma, students learn French, Spanish, English, Catalan and German. The aim of the education is to develop critical faculties of the students and to train tolerant future citizens, open to the world and its different cultures. It is not obligatory to be native French speaker to enroll in the French Lyceum of Palma.