Do you wish to sell?

Advice for Sellers

We understand the challenge of selling your property. It includes emotional and factual procedures which require strength and time usually. First Mallorca can obviously support you enormously during the exciting journey, however we would also like to equip you with certain advice:

  • Agency: Take your time to consider who you would like to sell your property. Is the agency professional, do I feel comfortable with the agent? Do they listen to me? Do I believe this person is capable of finding a buyer? And very important – which marketing strategies do they offer?
  • Documents: Check if you have all the necessary documents ready, these include:
  1. Copy of Passport of each owner and NIE (Spanish tax number)
  2. Copy of title deed/copy of all relevant company documents
  3. Most recent Urban Rate Receipt (IBI) and Garbage Tax Receipt (Basuras)
  4. All recent utility invoices for electricity, water, telephone, etc.
  5. Building License “Licencia de Obra”
  6. Habitation Certificate “Cédula de Habitabilidad”
  7. Final Works Certificate from Architect “Final de Obra Arquitecto”
  8. Final Works Certificate from Town Hall
  9. Energy certificate
  • Presentation: First impressions count – at least this is sure for properties. Try to tidy up your property for our agent and photographer to take photos and to feel comfortable in your property. The material will be used for our website and should be of good quality. The clients usually judge first based on the pictures they see and on the agents description. Later for viewings we recommend to air a little, open the blinds and keep the place clean and tidy.
  • Décor: Sometimes it is advisable to keep a few personal items in a property to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, however it is good to find a healthy balance and usually the less is more.
  • Could you do any changes to the décor which are not overly costly but have a huge impact?
  • Installations: Is everything working fine (water, electricity, heating system, air conditioning, pool pump, irrigation system, etc.)?
  • Viewings: Being present at viewings or not – this is a subject for itself. We recommend you to be present if you feel you can contribute value to the viewing. This is however a personal decision which you should take yourself as you feel it is right.
  • Selling: Make sure you tell our agents everything you know about the property and inform us of any imperfections and highlights equally. Sell your property to us, there is always a reason why you purchased the place in the beginning. Let us participate in your way of thinking. You may not be the only one with such thoughts.
  • Lawyer: The money invested in a fairly small lawyer’s fee might pay off if you encounter an unexpected problem with your tenant when it comes to pay or move out. We want to avoid you hearing this sentence from a lawyer you will have to consult: “You should have come earlier. It would have been easier with my contract.”

Service for sellers


Time to sell your property - but which documents do I need, how does First Mallorca find a purchaser for my property and how much is my property worth? First Mallorca offers a holistic service covering all aspects of a property transaction.

First Mallorca is one of the only agencies investing a high percentage of the company’s revenue into international and national advertising designed by our creative marketing department. Daily adverts in international (e.g. The Financial Times, Air Berlin magazine) and national magazines and newspapers (e.g. Mallorca Magazing, Sunday Bulletin), international and local campaigns, large billboards and fresh SE VENDE signs ensure First Mallorca the leading position within Real Estate on the Balearic Islands. So why looking for a second if you can have the FIRST?!

First Mallorca offers the following services:

  • A warm welcome into elegant and modern offices, conference rooms, filled with atmosphere and the philosophy to serve your best interest
  • Highly trained and motivated Real Estate Executives who receive daily product and client briefings by sales managers
  • Our administration department assists with advice for local mortgages and contacts to banks. Due diligence searches in the local Property and Cataster Register are undertaken and the full documentations required for a full due diligence by your lawyer upon purchasing is provided without delay.
  • A valuation of your property based on our expertise and experience taking into consideration the current market situation and all relevant features of your property
  • Professional photos taken by one of our official photographers
  • Highly professional local and international marketing of your property  including a daily updated and user friendly property website
  • A fleet of 16 comfortable company cars to transport clients to your property viewings
  • Our multi-lingual and competent Real Estate Executives insure a relaxed and professional approach to the product of your interest
  • In-house liaison with notaries, lawyers, banks, tax advisers and Mallorca Property insurance companies and the execution of standing orders for the services of your new Mallorca property
  • An unparalleled After Sales Service