Do you wish to rent?

Advice for Tenants

Waking up in Mallorca every day is special – chances are high that you live close or right in the mountains, in sea frontline or in the heart of the old town of Palma, possibly spotting a glimpse of the cathedral. Which ever place is the right one for you now, while you rent, you are free; free to change (as soon as the contract ends). However, in order to avoid negative rental experiences, please read our suggestions carefully:

  • Take your time to consider where you would like to live. Visit the different areas of the island; decide whether mountains, sea or city are important to you. The island seems small in comparison to pretty much any country, however if you ask how many people would commute or drive daily from the east or north to Palma or the southwest, you would probably find an insignificant percentage.
  • Check the quality of the property – the installations (water, heating, electricity), check for humidity, especially in older and unoccupied properties, the walls, noise, neighbors, etc.
  • Ask, ask, ask! Think of any possible question and ask the agent or landlord everything you want to know during the viewing, before or after.
  • Costs – find out which additional costs will have to be paid – ask for the last bills to get an idea, check if community fees, rates or water are included.
  • If you consider the price for the property too high, don’t be shy! In Mallorca, it is possible to negotiate a rental price, which is an unthinkable in many countries. It is not possible for all properties though and may depend on your form of pre-payment.
  • Once you have found the right property, it can happen easily that emotions impair our logical thinking and we become a little blind to obvious obstacles– try to consult your pillow. Sometimes we fall in love with properties which are really more to handle than we actually can.
  • Furniture – yes or no? Consider that a standard contract in Mallorca lasts for 12 months. If you decide to rent an unfurnished place and spend a fortune on furniture, be prepared to take them with you wherever you go. On the other hand, double check the inventory and take pictures of the furniture in case it is rented furnished. Attach the pictures to the inventory.
  • Make sure you are aware of your responsibilities and duties. Some landlords include services such as maintenance of the pool and garden, others expect you to organize maintenance.
  • Don’t forget to double check if the property is also on the market for sale – if the owner included a clause in your contract which states the usual 2 months notice period in case of a sale, you will have to leave within these 2 months, regardless of your remaining rental period. This period can be negotiated beforehand.
  • Make sure you have the contact details of the owner in case of any emergency repair which should be taken care of by the owner.

Service for Tenants


Especially if you are non Spanish national or do not speak the language, we experience the importance of professional guidance when it comes to signing a contract in Mallorca. You are here to enjoy the island. Lean back and let us do the work – after all we love what we are doing and are excited to get you a new home you will enjoy! Please note that First Mallorca acts as an intermediary agency, introducing the tenant to the landlord. The minimum period for long-term rentals consists of 6 months. Few exceptions for shorter letting periods are possible and can be discussed on an individual basis.

First Mallorca offers you the following services:

  • A warm welcome into elegant and modern offices and conference rooms, filled with atmosphere and a philosophy to serve your best interest
  • Highly trained and professional rental agents who will establish a portfolio of the most suitable properties based on your search criteria, never forgetting that you cannot ask for what you do not know exists, hence we take the liberty to add properties that might suit you by our own initiative
  • Accompanied viewings of the selected properties, by choice with one of our 16 First Mallorca company cars
  • Our multi-lingual and competent Real Estate Executives insure a relaxed and professional procedure for you
  • Valuable contacts to multi-lingual architects and interior decorators if you wish to make changes to your rental property
  • An unparalleled After-sales-service