Our History /

FIRST MALLORCA was created as a business model with a coherent brand in 1996 by its founding members, Heidi Stadler and Robert Maunder. They knew the island very well and by then had travelled the world, living as ex-patriats in different continents. Their global experience in tourism development and in the hotel industry allowed them to appreciate very fast the exceptional quality of life Mallorca offered in addition to the professional opportunities Mallorca offered them at that stage of life.
Neither of them was tempted to start new businesses in their home countries, England and Austria. It had to be Mallorca! All working experience of two highly prepared professionals provided the basis for FIRST MALLORCA to become a source of information by purchasers and vendors and the portfolio increased at the beginning mainly through recommendations, the best publicity whatsoever, especially when unsteady income is not yet allowing launching big advertising campaigns.

Doors opened in 1996 with a classic start: Neither customers nor properties on the books made it very necessary to adopt fast and dive into the world of real estate with strong ethics, a defined company culture from day one and the longing for making a difference. With 5 languages between the two of them as an asset - English, German, Spanish, French and Italian, two very sharp minds and a lot of common sense, they soon analyzed customer behavior and requirements to built-up slowly and steadily what soon would become a reference in real estate.


Today FIRST MALLORCA is proud to provide a large product selection of over 1.500 properties throughout the island with stunning sea view locations, country residences, building plots, investment properties and new and resale apartments, a great variety of choices with square metre prices ranging between 2.500 € and 30.000 €. Mallorca, with its unique properties, has developed into a first choice destination for second homes for European and worldwide citizen.
All locations of FIRST MALLORCA offices have been selected with utmost care and consideration and the state of the art interiors allow customers to relax and enjoy while doing business with specialists. Properties have a soul. And working in real estate is first and foremost the understanding of the people before properties can be matched to new owners or renters. This is the most beautiful Memory game to live and conclude. We wait for you to give you a warm welcome at FIRST MALLORCA!